UX focuses on researching and designing the right product for the right users. It’s about understanding who your exact clients are and driving your content, products, and services to them.

Research is key in designing the ideal product. I dive into the research by putting myself “in the shoes” of your client to see how they navigate, purchase, and use your product or service. This research doesn’t need to take a lot of time, but it is a critical step; it needs to be targeted, specific, and well-thought-out.

I believe in an iterative and interactive approach to web design. This means getting the most important information about you online first; secondary services and information can be added as your time and budget will allow.

I am passionate about sharing my knowledge in the user experience and technology space with you!

If you’re an entrepreneur and looking to up your game in the online business realm, join me through my other business at Concept to Digital. All of the courses listed on this site are provided through this brand.